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Wedding Photography Guide: Part 1 - Choosing the Best Photographer

Published on Thursday, October 31, 2013 by Jennifer Henson

Wedding photos capture cherished memories that will be passed down through generations. It is extremely important to select a wedding photographer you know is capable of producing timeless images you will adore for many years to come.

Some argue the photographer is the second most important aspect of a wedding after choosing your spouse. There are a few steps you can take to ensure the photographer captures picture perfect moments on your big day.

Nilla has carefully constructed this ‘choosing the best wedding photographer’ guide with hope it will assist many happy couples and ensure precious memories are captured on the day.


The first step is deciding on the type of photography style you want the images to portray. Once you have decided on this it will be easier to find a suitable photographer and give them a brief. You may want a traditional posed photo approach, natural shots throughout the ceremony, fashion styled, obscure or a mixture. Do some research and figure out the style you like.


Now that you know what you want from your photographer you can decide on the level of service. Some couples decide to only have photos taken during the ceremony while others want a whole package including reception and arrival photos. Be very mindful of your budget when selecting hours for your photographer.


Determine if there are certain shots you want the photographer to get (for example: an image from behind the guests during the ceremony of you and your partner facing each other). By telling the photographer exactly what you want you can ensure you are not disappointed with the final images.


After completing the first 3 steps and discussing with your partner you should hopefully have a good idea of what you want from your wedding photographer. It is now time to make a list of local photographers offering wedding photo services. You can use Google, Facebook, friends, phone books or any other source you can to create a list of suitable candidates.

The more the better; you don’t want to be lazy when choosing one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Research is integral. Look at samples of their work, speak to previous clients and check for any reviews they may have on the Internet. Once you narrow it down, speak to the photographers and find out if they are available on your date, can get the images you want and pricing information.

Most photographers also have an image limit and will give you an approximate idea as to how many you will receive. The more confident you are in your wedding photographer the better. Be sure to judge prices and experience when making the big decision.


Once you think you have decided, sleep on it. You want to be completely sure when signing off on your choice. Keep in contact up until the big day to confirm they are up to date with your requests and everything runs smoothly on your picture perfect wedding day.

Written by Jennifer Henson

Jennifer Henson works at both Forte Catering and Nilla and has a strong passion for great food and wine. She is the best contact for both businesses and you can keep up to date with her on Google+.

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