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Tips on how to budget your wedding

Published on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 by Jennifer Henson

Weddings can be extremely expensive but you don’t need to go over your budget to have an amazing wedding. Nilla has constructed a list of top budgeting tips for your wedding to help you save money and stick to a set amount you can afford.

Write a budget

The first thing you need to do when trying to save money on your big day is set a budget. Break it down into sections and stick to your limits. Once you go over in one area you are more likely to splurge in others as well. A budget for your wedding is the foundation of affording one.

Look for reception packages

Choose a reception venue that offers reception packages at a set price that includes food, drinks, venue hire etc. This will save you money and ensure no hidden fees arise.

Consider timing

Some venues may charge higher rates in wedding season and even on Saturday nights. Evaluate your options before setting a date.

Re-evaluate your guest list

More guests equal more money. Go over your guest list and re-evaluate your maybes and anyone you were unsure about inviting in the first place.

Don’t ask for gifts

Modern couples are frequently requesting guests not bring a gift but instead a donation to go towards wedding costs (if they want to). This way you are not doubling up on expensive cutlery and getting a little something in return to go towards your special day.

Shop around for honeymoon deals

Look online and speak to a few travel agents to discover the best and cheapest deal for your honeymoon plans. Some families still pay for honeymoons on behalf of the couple so check what the family’s plan is before booking anything.

Written by Jennifer Henson

Jennifer Henson works at both Forte Catering and Nilla and has a strong passion for great food and wine. She is the best contact for both businesses and you can keep up to date with her on Google+.

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