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Innovative, new wave ideas for matrimonial gift giving

Published on Monday, October 15, 2012 by Jennifer Henson

It has been a long tradition for those attending a wedding to purchase the couple a gift to help get them started in their new life. The tradition has a long history and has been streamlined, and made efficient with the advent of bridal registries and similar services. Bridal registries allowed the couple to select items and their loved ones could look through the items and purchase what they wished for the couple. The registry has been a popular concept for many years, however new developments are set to rock the wedding world and provide registries with some much-needed competition.

Hatch My House is an American based website that was founded by couple Rieve and Erin Macewen in 2011. The thought process behind the site came out of a need for the gift-giving concept to adjust to modern society. Like most couples today Rieve and Erin had already lived together for sometime before they decided to get married. Due to the fact that they lived together they had no use for common, registry style gifts such as home wares, as they had all they needed already. What the couple really needed was a house so they could move out of their apartment and into a larger location were they could start a family.

The desire for a house spawned the Hatch My House Concept. The site offers an interactive drawing of a couples dream house. People wishing to buy the couple a gift can click on different parts of the house and buy all of part of the object such as a door or a window. The combined funds can go to the down payment of the couples first home. The website truly is an innovative concept and you can expect more like it to spring up over the coming years. If you’re due to get married and having difficulty filling in a registry then we encourage you to think of more creative gift giving ideas. The modern couple faces a range of challenges that guests can help with, and concepts such as Hatch My House do a great job of addressing this. Gift giving at a wedding is intended to help the couple establish themselves, however in most cases they already have. It’s time to think outside the box and come up with more innovative ideas for wedding gifts.

Written by Jennifer Henson

Jennifer Henson works at both Forte Catering and Nilla and has a strong passion for great food and wine. She is the best contact for both businesses and you can keep up to date with her on Google+.

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