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9 Essential IPhone Wedding Apps

Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 by Jennifer Henson

Step away from the folder bursting with cut outs and misplaced information. Modern technology has created an easier alternative for wedding planning – all you need is your compatible device (iPhone, iPad, android or tablet)! IPhone wedding apps have become very popular because they are convenient and an efficient way of accessing stored information when it comes to organizing your big day. We understand there is more than just planning to prepare, which is why we have also included fitness, travel and other apps to ensure you are equipped in every possible way.

Nilla has produced this list of top 9 essential iPhone wedding apps for your wedding day to help you plan, communicate and get inspired.

The Wedding Party AppWEDDING PARTY

The Wedding Party App ABOUT

The Wedding Party app is basically a social media platform for your wedding guests. It’s an interactive space all about your wedding. You can keep friends and family in the loop about wedding news, upcoming events and schedules by simply adding them to your guest list. Capture every moment of your wedding when guests post photos during the ceremony. This app is perfect for keeping in touch with all of your guests and involving everyone. These memories will be cherished forever!


The Wedding Party app is available to download FREE in the app store on your smart phone and on your computer. Visit there official website at:

Pinterest App for WeddingsPINTEREST

Pinterest App for Weddings ABOUT

Pinterest is an online scrapbooking platform that allows you to collect and share images. This app is ideal for planning and getting inspiration. You can view other wedding photo boards or start creating your own. You can share and engage with other like-minded users or make it private. This app is great for on-the-go inspiration that is conveniently kept all in one place.


Pinterest is available in the app store for FREE on your smart phone and can also be accessed online through any browser. You can visit their official website at:


Pinterest App for Weddings ABOUT

Postable makes thank you cards and wedding invitations easy. It’s a free service that allows you to collect mailing addresses from emails. You create a secure online address book that your friends and potential guests fill out for you through the email link. You then have a collection of addresses to send invitations. The service also offers a selection of cards that you can add your message to. Postable even prints, stamps and mails them out if needed. Some services may be subject to availability in Australia but the online address book is free for everyone to use and proves useful in planning any event.


Postable is not exactly an app, yet, but it has massive app potential. You can access it for FREE from any internet using device, all you need to do it log onto their website! We could not leave it out of our list because the service is so convenient. You can visit their official website at:


Pinterest App for Weddings ABOUT

TopTablePlanner allows you to plan your seating arrangements easily for your wedding day. It’s accessible on most portable devices and computers. Simply drag and drop guests and tables to create the perfect seating plan, which you can easily adjust at any time. You can import guests from word or excel documents and there are different types of table sizes and shapes available. This handy app also allows you to indicate meal choices and RSVP’s. If you want a stress free seating plan, try out TopTablePlanner.


TableTopPlanner Can be accessed through any internet connected device through their website: You will gain access to a risk free trial and from then prices start from $33.

Wedding Happy appWEDDING HAPPY

Pinterest App for Weddings ABOUT

The Wedding Happy app helps you plan and organise your wedding tasks. After downloading the app it will ask you your anticipated wedding date and build a to-do checklist with suggested due dates. You can edit all tasks, add more and delete what you want to suit your individual wedding day needs. This app does not require internet access and can be used anywhere to tick off, plan or add suggestions to your planner. It is the perfect tool for busy brides who like to be organised.


You can download Wedding Happy from the app store for FREE on your smart phone or device. Their official website is:

The Knot appTHE KNOT

The Knot Wedding App ABOUT

This app has many uses but most brides seem to download it for dress inspiration. There are thousands of wedding and bridesmaid dresses available to look at on the app which is a great starting point for any bride-to-be. There is even a budget to assist you with budgeting and repayments. The Knot also has loads of cakes, decor and hairstyle ideas. You can save all images from the app and share them with family and friends.


You can download The Knot app for free on compatible devices from the app store. Their official website is:

Trip It AppTRIP IT

Trip It Wedding App ABOUT

Tripit is the ultimate honeymoon app. You can access itineraries anywhere, get directions, maps and weather information for any destination. You can sync your trip with calendars and add or edit plans manually. Tripit keeps your honeymoon in order to ensure you don’t waste a single second.


You can download Tripit for free on any compatible device from the app store. Their official website is:


Trip It Wedding App ABOUT

Weddings are a great excuse to get in shape, tone up or boost your confidence with a little fitness and calorie counting. MyFitnessPal helps you reach your weight loss goals offering the best calorie counter available on the iPhone. You can set daily goals and record exercise and food consumptions. This app provides great re-assurance when it comes to dropping a few extra kilos and can help you feel your best on your wedding day.


You can download MyFitnessPal for free on your compatible device through the app store. Their official website is:


Wedding Snap Wedding App ABOUT

There is only so much you can see on your wedding day and as the center of attention there are likely to be flashes going off all around you. Wedding Snap is an app that allows your guests to easily upload photos throughout your wedding day to one place. This means you get to see their perspective and receive photos you probably never would have known existed if it weren’t for the app.


You can download Wedding Snap for free from the app store. Their official website is:

Written by Jennifer Henson

Jennifer Henson works at both Forte Catering and Nilla and has a strong passion for great food and wine. She is the best contact for both businesses and you can keep up to date with her on Google+.

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